A Content Management System (CMS) is a software platform that allows users to produce, modify, archive, collaborate, report, publish, distribute, and inform their content. It aids in the implementation of a comprehensive content marketing plan and the integration of content into your commerce strategy. A CMS will allow you to make modifications to the backend without affecting the content publishing process.

Carillon Media delivers a complete variety of ECM and content management services that help minimise your business management budget. We offer solutions, platform adaptation and CMS integration ready to use. We have experience in designing gateways and providing practical content management solutions that build on our excellent open-source CMS capabilities.

Carillon Media’s Content Management System expertise only makes your business better through the following ways

Allows you to scale your marketing team as needed: If you choose to handle your own marketing team, you’ll be dealing with hiring and managing employees. You’ll need to recruit, screen, and train staff members, and that takes time. When you outsource to a professional like us, we will manage the staffing issues and will ensure that you’ve got sufficient resources working on your projects. This can be a huge plus for a start-up or any company in a rapid growth phase.

Gives you access to best of breed technology: There’s a wealth of marketing software available, but not every tool is the right one for your project. Specialized software may be expensive and building your own is costly and time-consuming. When you outsource, you’ll reap the benefits of our firm’s investment in marketing software. Their focus is on effective content creation, and they’ve done the research and testing to determine the most efficient tools to get the job done.

Saves both time and money: If you’re a start-up founder, we understand how important it is to save as much money as possible. When compared to hiring an internal workforce, outsourcing is virtually always a money saver. You’ll be paying salaries and a slew of other expenses, and you’ll need to keep your team together even if business slows down. You will only pay for the services you contract for when you outsource content production to our firm, with no overhead or administrative charges.

Moreover, Carillon’s expertise in web content management systems enables easy management of content and gives flexibility to the content experts to provide the right information to the right audience.

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