Traditional marketing ideas such as billboards,  video commercials, pop up ads on internet pages are bygones. The consumers never recall it, skip it by using ad blockers or full streaming services that avoid ads The question remains, how to market your products to your consumers? Experiential marketing is one of the innovative solutions to crack the code.

Experiential marketing is a brilliant strategy adopted to engage a consumer with your brand. It provides your consumers with a real-life experience that builds a long-lasting connection with your products and services. We assure you that your consumers transform into brand ambassadors on social media increases brand awareness and exposure.

Why Experiential Marketing?

A study suggests that 74% of the consumers are more likely to buy a product after participating in an event marketing campaign. We help you create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. Our strategy is to actively engage the consumers in an immersive experience to know your brand’s core values.

A study conducted by McKinsey found that brand experiences accounted for 50-80% of all word-of-mouth marketing making it a strong catalyst for word-of-mouth.  Our experiential marketing campaign is designed not just to introduce the consumers to your brand but to activate new customers and induce them into your sales funnel.

With our expertise in experiential marketing content, Carillon helps you to set a goal to make your target audience share their first-hand experience, create awareness and eventually building brand loyalty. We assure you that your consumers transform into brand ambassadors increasing brand awareness and exposure.

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