Augmented reality and Virtual Reality have for long been a phenomenon witnessed in sci-fi movies. Today the technological leap has made this a reality. Augmented reality and Virtual reality have found their place in our personal lives providing immersive experiences for entertainment, commerce, medicine, and education.

The carillon can help you create visually enjoyable experiences for your customers in collaboration with you. We work to understand your difficulties, determine the problem, develop solutions, create storyboards, and run testing accordingly during your journey. The Carillon team will be working with you on a range of virtual reality projects.

Benefits of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Safer training environments – Industries and manufacturing companies must train their employees in processes and operations, especially the use of machines. AR and VR can provide simulations that replicate the exact functions of the machines and equipment, for new employees to work on to their heart’s content. Even though any mistakes or accidents will be in a virtual world without any casualties or financial losses.

An effective method for upskilling – Due to the immersive experiences provided by AR and VR, users are more likely to get a hands-on experience in gaining skills. It is an effective method to retain information compared to lectures or discussions. It has a retention rate of 75% compared to lectures with 5% retention capabilities.

See what you shop: Consumers cannot engage with your products in the same way they can at a brick-and-mortar store, which is one of the most difficult parts of running an eCommerce business. Customers can feel more secure about the products they want to buy, thanks to AR and VR technology because they can see what something will look like inside their home or try on apparel and pick up items to examine them from a 360-degree angle.

Boost Conversion rate: Consumers believe brands with some VR components are more up to date with trends. A study suggests that 71% believe they would buy an item from a brand that uses this technology over one that does not. With a smooth and immersive AR/VR component, your company can reduce cart abandonment rates while also increasing shopping from visitors who come to your site just to try out your unique shopping experience.

Carillon has a good position to enable our customers to quickly unlock their business value from immersive technology, just as physical and virtual worlds are becoming more convergent.

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