Explainer videos are powerful marketing tools to make your business stand out in today’s digital world. They are animations that explain your product, services, or value proposition breaking them into simple ideas and conveying them to your client. Anyone seeking information about a product through your website will be in dismay to read thousands of words. However, an explainer video encompasses all those words highlighting it in a compelling and efficient manner.


Why Explainer videos?

Explainer videos are effective to engage with people as it adopts both visual and auditory channels to convey a message. This makes it easier to absorb and digest information. Reports and surveys have revealed that 84% of people consider buying a product or service by watching videos. Explainer videos makes pitching sales easier and reach out to large number of audiences at once reducing time and cost involved in one-to-one sales pitch.

How do we add value?

We bring in vast experience from the digital media space to deliver superior quality content to boost the goodwill of your business. Below is an 8-step process we have adopted to create explainer videos that meet your expectations.

  1. Know thy audience: A common mistake made by most is to create content for a generic audience that has a nought outcome. “Who is your audience?” is a question to be asked before writing a script. Identifying and analysing your target audience is essential to connect with them and make your videos effective.
  2. Let the script speak: The script is the nucleus of any explainer video. It is the element that binds the visual effects, sound effects, content together to keep your client glued. Explainer videos are meaningless if you can’t convey the right message due to a weak script. Thus, a script should be precise with every word resonating the value of the content.
  3. Reflect your Brand: The client should be able to identify your brand image through these videos. Explainer videos are be created considering certain attributes like colour, font category, your logo, your product value, etc. that will reflect your branding to get the optimum impact.
  4. Preparing the canvas: This is a crucial stage where the characters and style of the video are chosen. A diversified palette of video styles such as 3D, Whiteboard, Graphic animation, Typography, Silhouette animation, Motion graphic, Screencast, Live Action, etc. is advised to you suiting your company type, target audience, vision, brand value and essence of your product.
  5. Painting the picture: This is where your approved script, the style palette, characters, are sewn together creating a storyboard to bring your explainer video to life. This the foundation on which animation, illustrations, voice over, music and sound effects are blended to bring out the message.
  6. Voice Recording: The voice recording is conducted with your preference of dubbing artist for the right fit. The process is completed within a reasonable timeframe of 24hrs.
  7. Bringing it to Life: Finally, the explainer video is brought to life by adding animation, sound effects, music, subtitles, etc. defining quality, expressing emotions, and leading your audience to connect.
  8. Minimal disappointment: Carillon being an experienced entity in the digital space, we keep our clients constantly in the loop at every step of our process. We adhere to providing maximum transparency and communication for the best quality explainer videos within your expectations.

We as kids have loved fairy tales and fables narrated, explained, enacted by our bedside, visualizing it in our dreams as we sink into a smiling slumber. Imagine creating similar illustrative videos explaining to your client how better they can sew their dreams with your products and services. Visualization has the power to grasp focus within seconds and keep one glued till the end. Pamphlets, catalogues, product reports are bygones, pitching sales through videos are the future. We at Carillon Media produce interactive videos that are creative, comprehensible, and coherent just like a fable narrated to a kid, making your client extend a handshake.

Creating explainer videos is a complicated process that requires meticulous planning, deep technological support, and immense creative talent to produce a video that can attract new customers that impact your business sales. Thus, for superior quality content it is of at most importance to choose the best and experienced digital production companies in the field.

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