Testimonial videos serve to convey your overall brand message and generate an emotional appeal for your branding. They’re a crucial tool for your success because they’re intuitive and backed up by statistics. Friends, relatives, and anyone who may have utilised your product or service have a big influence on people.

We help you to create testimonial videos that are positive and influential messages by delivering honest and believable first-person testimony. Video testimonials are effective because of the following reasons:

  • Consumers trust the opinions of other users more than expert advice or advertising message.
  • Individuals like to relate to ideas or things that mirror themselves, therefore first-person testimonials can express emotions and build trust.
  • Social evidence or validation guides purchasing decisions that are influenced by the choices of others.
  • Customers’ opinions are more credible than the company’s claims.
  • For the prospective buyer, videos provide pre-purchase assurance or implied contentment.

Carillon coordinates with you to find customers that are both loyal and satisfied. After we’ve chosen the best interview applicants, we’ll spend some time in a pre-interview getting to know them and their background. We’ll help you figure out who to seek in your consumer pool.

Don’t be concerned about putting your most valuable customers on the spot. It is we, not your customers, who are under pressure. It is our responsibility to learn about their background, make them feel at ease, and steer the conversation in the correct direction to elicit significant responses.

Carillon makes it easy to collect, manage, and display your testimonial videos so that you close more sales and grow your business

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