A training film is a type of educational film that is a short subject documentary that introduces a subject. It is possible to use both narrative documentary and dramatisation approaches in the same production.

Carillon Media is transforming education and making it easier for businesses to train and polish their professional skills through training films. Our training films content is made compatible with mobile devices that can now transmit training films, which can be used as part of a company’s overall training programme. The crisper and engaging nature of our training films will change the way your organisation members learn, making it popular now and soon a mainstay of learning.

Why Training Films is Important?

Consistent customer experience: By using training films, you can ensure that every new employee receives the same material in the same format. Because of the consistency in training, it’s more likely that all staff will use the same tactics and handle all clients the same way.

Provides Flexibility and control: Learners with video-based learning have more control and flexibility over when, where, and how long they learn. Shorter bursts of learning have been demonstrated to help us absorb and retain information in studies. We may be more productive and able to apply what we’ve learnt to our work if we have greater flexibility when we learn. Learning quality is likely to improve with a more flexible approach to learning.

Drives Engagement: Employees are more likely to recall what they see and hear if they are watching or listening to a video. According to a study, we remember 10% of what we read, 30% of what we see, and 50% of what we see and hear. As a result, a training video is an excellent tool for ensuring that employees learn and remember key information.

Reduces Employee training cost: Video training could be a better use of time and money than traditional employee training. The company-wide mentorship programme is always important, but video training would be much better for both employees’ time and the company’s money. Video training can be used to train new employees in different ways.

Carillon Media is capable to take any complex subject matter and turn it into clear, concise training film content. Join us to make your people watch and learn.

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