A video wall is a combination of screens that are tiled together to form a single huge display. LCD, direct LED tiles, rear-projection, and laser displays are examples of common display technology. Depending on the industry, video walls are used for a variety of reasons. Video walls have a WOW impact that makes them incredibly successful for marketing messages and branding because of their size and clarity. It’s critical to remember that the video wall’s content is crucial in achieving its messaging objectives.

Benefits of Video Walls

Hard to Ignore: Video screens can demand attention due to their great size. Customers, staff, and visitors find them difficult to ignore, making them an excellent tool for branding and educational campaigns.

Save valuable employee time: Video walls can assist in the completion of duties that would normally be performed by an employee. It may allow employees to focus on more important duties by freeing up time. This is accomplished by displaying critical information that employees would normally be required to respond to. E.g., Maps can be shown on video screens in large malls.

Display multiple contents: A video wall controlled by content management software is intended to display a variety of various forms of content at the same time. A video wall, for example, can be used to display maps, school events, and essential information such as weather, news, and social media on a campus

Usage Across Industries: Due to high costs and less evolved content management software, video walls were only used in retail or advertising industries. For small and medium businesses, video walls are now less expensive and more accessible. Because they are so versatile, they are employed in a wide range of sectors like corporate offices, schools, government offices, hospitals, hotels, casinos, and places of worship are all getting them.

Increase sales: Retail businesses that use digital signage can improve their sales by 32%. Retailers can use a video display system to alert thousands of target customers about discounts and other great deals.

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