Articulate Storyline is the most used software for developing interactive courses in the market. It’s easy enough for newcomers while yet being powerful enough for specialists. It also allows you to construct almost any interaction you can think of in minutes. You’ll be able to provide mobile and accessible courses with greater interactivity faster with the new permanent edition of Storyline.

With the help of Storyline, Carillon allows you to create exciting online courses by combining lecture, audio, video, and interactions in slide-based lessons.

How we make Articulate Storyline Content efficient for your Business?

Easy Customization: If you can imagine an interaction in Storyline, you can probably design it and personalise it. Almost every feature of your slide is a potential interaction, allowing for intricate branching and novel content organisation.

Effective Assessment: The assessment tool in Storyline allows you to see exactly what your students know and how effective your courses are.

Touchscreen capability: When using tablets or phones, your learners can personalise interactions to allow learners to swipe, drag, and pinch-and-zoom.

Every slide is a blank canvas for organising your information into scenes: certain actions trigger responses when users interact with certain components on the slide. So let’s work together to make your plain canvas an exciting interactive content.

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